DemoTime: Next-level Digital Collaboration

DemoTime at its heart is a tool for individuals and teams to collaborate on pieces of content together. In DemoTime, you create a Demo to share a piece of content with others, and via our review process others can provide feedback, approve or if they’re feeling salty, reject. It’s an all-in-one digital collaboration tool, and we think you’ll have a lot of fun using it to gather feedback and refine the things you create.

We’ve put together a couple of videos to help introduce you to DemoTime.

The first is something of a DemoTime teaser video. It gives people who might not be familiar with DemoTime a quick idea of what the platform is all about, as well as a quick walkthrough of one of its use cases.

The next video, DemoTime: The Circle of Feedback, is a deeper dive in to DemoTime, which is more of a tutorial about how to use the application.  New users might find this video extremely helpful for getting acquainted with the interface and for learning what DemoTime is all about.

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